Landscape Consultations in Sarasota, FL

One of the perks of living in a subtropical climate is that we get to enjoy a lush landscape all year long. Do you dream of a Zen garden in which to relax? Do you need an aesthetically pleasing, hazard-free zone for your kids or pets? Or maybe, you desire a resort-style tropical paradise while you entertain guests.

Our expert landscape design team helps you get the most from your yard by recommending the best plants for the space you have to work with, the time and money you have to invest, and the environment you wish to create. Whether you’re a Florida native or a northern transplant, the landscape services at Troy’s Tropics save you time and money while bringing your home exterior to life.

The first step is to schedule a landscape consultation in Sarasota, FL. During this step, you receive a home visit from one of our designers. The designer surveys your property and–keeping your goals in mind–offers suggestions on the addition or removal of plants, plant dimensions, and plant placement. Our goal during a consultation is to give you some inspiration and guidance, and to make sure your basic questions are answered.

The landscape planning process is where things really come together. This service provides a more in-depth evaluation of what you can accomplish in your yard. Once again, we visit your home to take measurements and start drawing out the plan for your landscape. We use a program called Pro Landscape, which is similar to the software architects use, except it is used exclusively for designing landscapes. You’ll also be invited do a walkthrough at the nursery to see our plant recommendations in person. We provide a detailed proposal of what we intend to plant and an itemized list of costs, including plants, materials, and installation. During this time, we also answer any questions or concerns you have about our plants and materials.

Finally, we offer landscape installation services to save you from body aches and costly mistakes. The cost of installation is covered in your landscape plan. You can have this service done in full, in part, or in phases as your schedule and budget allows. In addition, we offer a guarantee when we do the installation. We’ll leave your landscape transformed and you informed on how to make it last.

You live in paradise–your living space should be able to remind you of that every day. We look forward to helping you create your dreamscape.

Contact us today to learn more about our landscaping services. We proudly serve customers in Sarasota, Florida.